Tulare County Population ForecastToday, Tulare County’s population is nearing 450,000. According to the California Department of Finance, the County’s population is expected to increase by more than 300,000 people for a total population of nearly 743,000 by 2030 and exceed one million people by 2050. That means nearly 600,000 people will be added to the County between now and 2050¬†– or almost 150,000 additional people in the County every 10 years over the next four decades.

  • Yokohl Ranch helps to meet demand, not create demand
  • Yokohl Ranch redirects growth away from the prime agricultural lands on the valley floor
  • Yokohl Ranch ensures that new development funds new roads and other infrastructure¬†– so that existing residents do not realize tax increases from growth
  • Yokohl Ranch seeks new ways to plan and develop to meet the needs of a growing population