The phased development of the comprehensively planned community of Yokohl Ranch will generate impressive short- and long-term economic benefits within Yokohl Ranch and throughout Tulare County, according to the findings from the Yokohl Ranch Fiscal Impact Analysis report and a new professional Yokohl Ranch economic benefits study conducted by AECOM Economics.

For example, Yokohl Ranch is projected to provide an estimated $10.7 million in net revenue PER YEAR to the County (after deducting all the costs to provide new services to Yokohl Ranch residents).

Plus, a wide range of new jobs are projected to be created as a result of Yokohl Ranch, including the following:

  • 5,600 new, permanent jobs will be created as a direct result of Yokohl Ranch. These are jobs related to the start-up, expansion and relocation of businesses in Yokohl Ranch as well as the operation and maintenance of community common areas and such amenities as the Yokohl Ranch golf course and resort hotel.
  • These jobs will generate an annual labor income of nearly $209 million for the County.

In addition, the total construction cost of Yokohl Ranch will be approximately $3.6 Billion (excluding the cost of the land). 

That investment will help create
1,400 to 2,000 new construction jobs per year –
resulting in annual construction labor income of between
$65 million and $97 million over a 20-year period.