The Yokohl Ranch transportation plan is based on a comprehensively designed community which promotes/supports the following:

  • Internal Walkability
  • Internal Transit Linkages
  • Regional Transit
  • Active Adult Housing (no/low peak hour commuting)
  • Built-In Broadband Network (on-line commuting)
  • Funding for off-site roadways, intersection and interchange improvements including:
    • SR 198 widening (from Yokohl Drive to SR 245/Spruce)
    • SR 198/Yokohl Drive intersection signalization
    • Yokohl Drive upgrade, widen, and re-alignment
    • Horse Creek access road construction
    • East Myer Drive improvements
    • Oak Flats access road construction
    • Road 244 connections linking Yokohl Ranch to Lindsay
    • Various roadway intersection upgrades
      throughout the County