The Yokohl Ranch water program is envisioned as a complete yet multi-faceted program designed to meet the needs of future Yokohl Ranch residents and businesses as well as assist the County in meeting its long-term water needs without depleting groundwater resources and without impacting local and regional water supplies for agricultural use. Specifically, the goals of the program will be to:

  • Rely on surface water,
  • Develop and construct an efficient water reclamation and reuse system, and
  • Use funds paid by Yokohl Ranch to finance needed regional water improvements (i.e., water distribution and storage for all customers AND expansion of groundwater recharge capabilities).

As a result, Yokohl Ranch will NOT impact water supplied to existing agricultural or urban customers; and, Yokohl Ranch will NOT impact local groundwater

Key to the Yokohl Ranch water program is a water transmission/storage and reclamation program for the community, which will achieve the following:

  • Transmit raw surface water to Yokohl Ranch
  • Treat raw water at a centralized on-site treatment plant
  • Provide potable water to Yokohl Ranch residences
  • Capture, store, treat and re-use wastewater from Yokohl Ranch residences for the irrigation of golf courses, parks, and roadway landscaping

Plus, Yokohl Ranch will lower its water usage through the following conservation practices:

  • Extensive water reuse and water conservation program
  • All water services will be metered
  • “Water efficient” landscape design to help decrease outdoor residential and institutional irrigation demands
  • In-home water efficiency program