Ranching has been a part of life within the Yokohl Valley since the gold rush of the mid-1850s, a time when homesteads were created by the Brooks, Lee, Jordon, Gill, and Dale families. Prior to this, only the Native American tribes of the Foothill Yokuts and Monaches were known to have created seasonal settlements within the area.

Due to its rocky soils and shallow soil depths, the land which is now Yokohl Ranch was found by early settlers to be unsuitable for high quality orchards, row crops and other intensive agricultural uses. Nevertheless, the gently rolling grassy terrain of Yokohl Ranch proved a good condition for cattle grazing. Stock roamed freely, grazing on grass and acorns before they were taken to market.

Today, the 36,000-acre Yokohl Ranch is still a place where cattle graze. The property owner and developer remain committed to continuing cattle ranching during and after the community of Yokohl Ranch is created.