Compare and Contrast
Currently, Tulare County includes several small towns and residential subdivisions situated along the valley floor. While these subdivisions operate independently, they depend on the County to provide needed services from facilities that are often not so central to each town or subdivision. This creates a burden on the County to provide multiple services and facilities in multiple locations and creates a checkerboard of subdivisions and a more fragmented piecemeal system of community development.

The comprehensive plan for Yokohl Ranch represents a new approach to meeting the increasing needs of the County as it grows over the next decades while encouraging existing cities to prosper. Comprehensively planned means that nearly every aspect of how the community will function and evolve will be thought-out in advance to help ensure the highest quality of life for its residents and neighbors. Plus, the actual construction of the community will happen gradually, over 30 to 40 years, allowing for important facilities and amenities to open in response to, and often, ahead of need. And finally, it will be the community and its residents who will carry the cost of providing for Yokohl Ranch’s essential services, such as fire and sheriff station, as well as schools, parks, and more.