Current Status of Yokohl Ranch


Sep. 2005
Submit Initiation Request
Feb. 2006
Initiation Hearing
Nov. 2006
Reimbursement Agreement
Feb. 2007
Submit applications for a
- General Plan Amendment
- Zone Change
- Preliminary Financial Plan
- Master Development Plan (MDP)
Feb.-March. 2008
Notice of Preparation/Scoping Meeting
June 2008
Submittal of Area Development Plan (ADP)
May 2010
Voluntary Emissions Reduction Agreement (VERA) approved by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control Board
Sept 2010
Approval of funding agreements with Exeter Union, Exeter Union High School, Woodlake Union High School, and Three Rivers Union School districts

Now Underway

  • Complete all Technical Studies to the EIR
  • Revisions to the ADP
  • Revisions to the MDP

Future Activities

  • Distribution of the Draft EIR and all supporting documents for public review and comment
  • Preparation of Final EIR and all supporting documents
  • Tulare County Planning Commission Hearing
  • Tulare County Board of Supervisors Hearing