The Yokohl Ranch Process
Since early 2004, the Yokohl Ranch team has been continually conducting and assessing
a wide range of studies to identify and understand the different opportunities and constraints
associated with various Yokohl Ranch land use scenarios, including:

Community Outreach

  • One-on-one ascertainment interviews with numerous community, civic, business, and locally appointed and elected leaders
  • Citizen focus groups

Preliminary Field Research

  • Engaged a team of planners, biologists, scientists, engineers, designers, and other consultants to assist with preliminary assessment efforts in parallel with the study of key local and County issues

What We Heard

  • “Protect the prime agriculture land on valley floor”
  • “Provide a reliable water supply and sustainable system which reduces water use”
  • “Meet demands of increasing population”
  • “Ensure that new development covers its costs¬†– without existing residents being forced to pick up the tab”
  • “Avoid piece meal development”

What We Concluded

  • We need to balance cattle ranching and open space preservation with comprehensive and phased community development on portions of the ranch in Yokohl Valley