Resources Management

The plan for Yokohl Ranch is founded on sound science, pro-active resources management and long-term environmental stewardship. More specifically, the plan is predicated on the ongoing enhancement and management of on-site natural resources while providing for continued ranching operations on the land. As a result, the majority of Yokohl Ranch (or 82%) will remain undeveloped and in its natural state, allowing for conservation practices to co-exist with cattle grazing and the phased creation of the Yokohl Ranch community. This approach will help create Tulare County’s first comprehensively planned community within a natural and well-managed open space setting.  
Resource Map
To help ensure this goal, a Stewardship Program has been created for Yokohl Ranch. The Stewardship Program outlines the implementation of science-based measures and adaptive strategies to guide the continuation of ranching operations, ensure the conservation of native oak trees, preserve important cultural resources, help prevent wild fires, and implement a property-wide biological restoration and preservation program.

Management of the undeveloped lands within Yokohl Ranch will be a cooperative effort between the Yokohl Ranch Community Service District and existing cattle ranch management.