Comprehensive Planning = New Development Pays its Own Way
As envisioned, Yokohl Ranch will be one of the first communities in the County to be fully and comprehensively planned before it’s ever developed. Comprehensively planned means that nearly every aspect of how the community will function and evolve will be thought-out in advance to help ensure the highest quality of life for Yokohl Ranch residents and neighbors. Plus, the actual construction of the community will happen gradually, over 30 to 40 years, allowing for important facilities and amenities to open in response to, and often, ahead of need. And finally, it will be the community and its residents who will carry the cost of providing for Yokohl Ranch’s essential services, such as fire and sheriff station, as well as schools, parks, and more.

Who will pay for the new facilities at Yokohl Ranch?
The new public facilities planned for Yokohl Ranch will include a fire and sheriff station, several schools, parks, roadway improvements, and more. The costs of these new facilities will be borne by the community developer and through commonly used public financing mechanisms paid by future Yokohl Ranch residents.

Who will pay for the new services to be provided at Yokohl Ranch?
The Yokohl Ranch community developer has prepared a Fiscal Impact Analysis report which reflects both anticipated tax revenues from Yokohl Ranch property owners as well as the costs of providing services to Yokohl residents.

Yokohl Ranch is projected to provide an estimated $10.7 million in net revenue PER YEAR to the County
(after deducting all the costs to provide new services to Yokohl Ranch residents).

Based on this report, a Yokohl Ranch Community Services District or CSD is proposed to manage locally provided services (such as sheriff, fire and ambulance) as well as parks and open space.  Regionally provided services (such as general government, regional public safety, and health and human services) will continue to be provided by Tulare County.

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